Aging and Emotional Effects on Working Memory and Long-term Memory for Target and Distracting Information (EMIN):

Linda Truong’s Master thesis examines age differences between young and older adults in the effects of emotional content on working memory and subsequent long-term memory for target and distracters. The results suggested that emotional content of targets facilitated target identification and the emotional valence of distracters disrupted working memory accuracy. Emotional content also enhanced long-term memory performance for young adults.

Age, Motivation, and Emotional Memory (AMEM):

In this project, we examined the role of motivation in older and young adults’ episodic memory for emotional versus neutral images using two memory tasks: free recall and forced‐choice recognition. The motivational state during retrieval was primed by instructing participants to focus on emotion‐related goals versus either information‐related goals (control with manipulation) or no‐direction (control without manipulation) condition. The findings were presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference, April 10‐13, 2008, Atlanta, U.S. The manuscript based on this project has been submitted for publication.