Annabel is currently completing her PhD in Psychological Science at Ryerson University. She holds an MA in Psychology from Ryerson University and an Honours BSc in Biology and Psychology from the University of Toronto. Annabel’s research investigates mental health in youth with learning and attention challenges, with a focus on electroencephalographic (EEG) methods to examine the neural underpinnings of attention and their relation to mental health symptoms, social skills, and executive functioning. Throughout her master’s and doctoral work, Annabel has collaborated closely with Integra Learning Disabilities and Mental Health at the Child Development Institute (CDI).

Research Support
-Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship to Honour Nelson Mandela – Doctoral
-Harry Rosen Research Grant

Recent Publication
Sibalis, A., Milligan, K., Pun, C., McKeough, T., Schmidt, L.A., & Segalowitz, S.J. (2019). An EEG investigation of the attention-related impact of mindfulness training in youth with ADHD: Outcomes and methodological considerations. Journal of Attention Disorders, 23(7), 733-743.
-Milligan, K., Sibalis, A., McKeough, T., Lackner, C., Schmidt, L.A., Pun, C., & Segalowitz, S.J. (2019). Impact of mindfulness martial arts training on neural and behavioural indices of attention in youth with learning disabilities and co-occurring mental health challenges. Mindfulness, 10(10), 2152-2164.