Laura Daari-Herman completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Ryerson University in the Child and Family WISE Lab. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the association between child temperament and mother-child interactions during a mild social stressor. Following her graduation she completed a year-long research internship at Tel Aviv University and the Sheba Medical Hospital in Israel. She collaborated on projects investigating the relationship between maternal postpartum mental health (i.e., postpartum depression and trauma symptoms) and child development. She currently works as a Research Coordinator at Ryerson University in the Child and Family WISE lab, and as a Research Assistant & Psychology Clinical Service Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Hospital, in the Green Health Psychology Lab. In the Child and Family WISE Lab, Laura is currently collaborating on several research projects examining the experiences of mothers with problematic substance use who are involved with child welfare during COVID-19, the effectiveness of interventions for complex-PTSD in children and adolescents using meta-analytic methods, and parent-child emotional availability.