Lesley was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2017-2018 with the Healthy Mothers Healthy Families project. She holds a PhD from the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, with a focus on research examining the experience of women with physical disabilities during perinatal and early motherhood periods.Her broader program of research focuses on the reproductive/perinatal/maternal and mental health marginalized populations of women, notably sexual minority women and women with disabilities. Lesley holds an MA in Women and Gender Studies from the University of Toronto and a BA (Hons) in History and Women’s Studies from Bishop’s University. Since 2010, Lesley has been a member of the Re:searching for LGBTQ Health team, led by Dr. Lori Ross at the University of Toronto. For more information about Lesley’s research, visit



416-979-5000 ext. 3005

Select Recent Publications

Legge, M.M., Tarasoff, L., Flanders, C., Taha, R. & Robinson, M. (2018). A Critical Examination of Online News Media Representations of Bisexual Women Who Use Cannabis. Journal of Bisexuality.

Tarasoff, L.A., Milligan, K., Le, T.L.,  Usher, A.M., & Urbanoski, K. (2018). Integrated treatment programs for pregnant and parenting women with problematic substance use: Service descriptions and client perceptions of care. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment90, 9-18.

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Ross, L.E., Tarasoff, L.A., Goldberg, A.E., & Flanders, C.E. (2017). Pregnant Plurisexual Women’s Sexual and Relationship Histories across the Life Span: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Bisexuality, 17(3), 257-276.
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Tarasoff, L.A. (2016). “We Exist”: The Health and Well-Being of Sexual Minority Women and Trans People With Disabilities. In S.E. Miles-Cohen and C. Signore (Eds.), Eliminating Inequities for Women With Disabilities: An Agenda for Health and Wellness (pp. pp. 179-207). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press.
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