Monique Tremblay is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Ryerson University. She holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Ryerson University and a BA (Hons) in Psychology from McMaster University. Monique’s research interests include understanding the development of aggression and anti-social behaviour. Her Master’s thesis examined the impact of school bonding and peer influence on anti-social behaviour in adolescence, including identifying how these factors may impact male and female youth differently. She is also interested in understanding the impact of anger-related cognitions on the onset of reactive aggression. For her dissertation, she will be investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of a brief computer-based training program on hostile attributions and anger-related rumination in a sample of treatment seeking individuals with high trait anger. More broadly, Monique is also interested in investigating issues faced by at-risk parents (e.g., incarcerated parents, women with substance use disorders) and evaluating the effectiveness of parenting programs in these populations. Clinically, she is interested in cognitive-behavioral strategies for the treatment of anger, mood, and anxiety disorders. She completed a practicum placement at St. Michael’s Hospital Department of Family and Community Medicine (Clinical Psychology Training Clinic), where she conducted diagnostic assessments and provided CBT to individuals with a variety of diagnoses, including mood, anxiety, and anger management difficulties. She also recently completed a practicum placement at the Hamilton Health Sciences in the Child and Youth Mental Health Outpatient Service. Monique is currently completing her third clinical practicum placement at the Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) in Oakville. Monique is also affiliated with the Psychology of Crime and Delinquency Lab at Ryerson.

Recent Publications

Tremblay, M.D., & Sutherland, J.E. (2017, accepted for publication). The Effectiveness of Parenting Programs for Incarcerated Mothers: A Systematic Review.

Tremblay, M.D., Sutherland, J.E., & Day, D.M. (2017). Fatherhood and delinquency: An examination of risk factors and offending patterns associated with fatherhood status among serious juvenile offenders. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26(3), 677-689.

Day, D.M., Sutherland, J.E.,Tremblay, M., & Benvenuto, K. (2016). Evaluation of the Stress Lessons: From Stressed Out to Chilled Out: A program for students in grades 7 to 9 on managing stress. Final research report submitted to the to the Psychology Foundation of Canada (PFC). Toronto, Ontario (73 pages).