Current Research Projects

The ADMH Lab is conducting ongoing research projects examining: (i) the similarities and differences between substance and behavioural addictions, (ii) psychosocial mechanisms of concurrent disorders, (iii) the recovery processes of addictive disorders and addiction substitution,…
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If you would like a PDF of any peer-reviewed publication from the ADMH Lab, please send us an email and we would be happy send you a copy.  The following are representative publications from the…
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Kim, H. S., Almeida, B., Wong, C., Lefebvre, T., McGrath, D., Hodgins, D. C., & Tavares, H. (2021, April 27-29). Correlates of Anxiety Symptoms Among People Seeking Treatment for Gambling Disorder [Poster Presentation]. AGRI Annual…
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The ADMH Lab has several ongoing collaborations with both national and international researchers. The aim(s) of the collaborations are to: (i) foster shared research capacity, (ii) enhance training opportunities for students, and (iii) conduct exciting…
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