Our lab has greatly benefited from the collegiality and collaborative atmosphere at Ryerson. For example, we have recently extended our investigations of memory and medial-temporal lobe function to traumatic stress through collaboration with Dr. Monson’s IMPACT lab. In addition, many of our projects involve and are made possible through close external collaborations. Some of these connections include colleagues at the Australian National University (B. Christensen), University of Waterloo (J. A. Cheyne), McGill (V. Bohbot), John D. Dingell VA Medical Center (B. Axelrod), the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (A. Wong, J. Cantor, M. Kiang), McMaster U (J. King), U College London (J. King, T. Freeman), U British Columbia (M. Menon), and U Toronto (R. Green, M. P. McAndrews, D. Mikulis, A. Crawley).