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Kids in Context Study:


Seeking mom and baby participants!

Did you know that young children build up to 1000 new brain connections per second? That means that in the time it took you to read the last sentence, your baby made 5000 new connections! How extraordinary!

In our lab, we study how babies react to the world around them, including their behaviour, emotions and the activity in their brains. We look at how infants play, how they think, and how they react to mild, everyday challenges. We follow families to better understand how babies develop over time. We also ask moms about their own childhood and their current experiences to understand their development.


You may be eligible to participate if:

  • You are a mother who is 18 years of age or older
  • You are pregnant or have an infant younger than 7 months
  • Your infant, if born, has no major diseases or conditions
  • Your infant, if born was born at term and weighed more than 2500 grams (or 5.5 pounds) at birth


What is involved?

  • You will be asked to complete in 4 study visits (each approx. 2 hours in length)
    • In your home when your infant is approximately age 6, 12 and 18 months
    • At Ryerson University (near the Eaton Center) at age 6.5 months
  • Across these visits you will be asked to complete:
    • Questionnaires asking about demographics, current and past experiences both pleasant and unpleasant, mood, well-being, household routine, etc.
    • Mildly frustrating tasks with your infant to measure emotional, behavioural, brain and physiological response to stress
    • Saliva and hair sampling procedures associated with stress physiology
    • Short tasks measuring attention, problem-solving, language, and behaviour


Participants will be compensated for their time $20 per home visit and $40 per lab visit


For more information, please contact the Biopsychosocial Development Lab.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 2196.



This study has been reviewed by the Ryerson Research Ethics Board.

Funding provided by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council and the Harry Rosen Research Grant.