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Sign up Now: The COVID-19 Mobility Project!

The COVID-19 Mobility Project is seeking participants for a focus group study on risk perception, prevention behaviours, and impact of the pandemic on individual mobility patterns. The CIHR-funded project is led by researchers from Ryerson University (Dr. Lu Wang and Dr. Lixia Yang) and Queen’s University (Dr. Dongmei Chen). It has been reviewed and approved by the Ryerson University Research Ethics Board [REB 2020-206].

We invite eligible adults living in the Greater Toronto Area to participate in the focus group interview.). The session will take approximately one hour. Your participation will provide important information for public health in pandemic response and policy making.

You will receive a $15 electronic gift card as an appreciation for your time.

The interview will be conducted in Chinese Mandarin. Please SIGN UP HERE if you are interested in taking part in the focus group. We will contact you for further information. Thank you for your support.


The COVID-19 Mobility Project 正在招募小组访谈研究参与者,参加有关风险感知,预防行为以及大流行对个人空间行为模式影响的研究课题。 该课题由CIHR资助,由瑞尔森大学王露教授杨丽霞教授和皇后大学陈冬梅教授的联合主持。该课题已获得Ryerson大学研究伦理委员会批准[REB 2020-206]。我们邀请居住在大多伦多地区、年满18岁的居民参加小组访谈。访谈大约需要一个小时。您的参与将为流行病应对和公共卫生政策制定提供重要信息。为了表达我们的感谢,您将会收到一张价值$15的礼品卡。


The COVID-19 Impact on Chinese Immigrants: Stage Two

The survey is funded through CIHR and has received ethics approval from the Memorial University of Newfoundland (20201772-ME) and Ryerson University (REB 2020-328;REB2020-132). The leading researchers are Dr. Peizhong Wang (Memorial University of Neufoundland), Dr. Lixia Yang (Ryerson University), Dr. Weiguo Zhang and Dr. Xioalin Wei (University of Toronto). The survey intends to examine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Chinese living in North America (e.g., Canada), including attitudes, cognition, and behavioral measures, and psychological responses. The results will shed light on the effective measures restricting the spread of the disease and inform the policy making of the related Public Health organizations to best support the Chinese community during the pandemic.

The survey includes two sections. The first section “COVID-19 Impact” takes about 10 minutes. You can choose to terminate after completing the first section or continue with the second section on “future thinking” (about 10 minutes). Both sections are anonymous. At the end of each section, you will have the opportunity to participate in a prize draw for electronic Amazon gift cards, with a total value of the approximately $3,000 for both draws.

The survey will be conducted in Chinese (simplified or traditional). To participate in the survey, please click here:

Or scan the QR code below:

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Email: or


Phone: 416-816-2253



新冠疫情对北美华人影响的第二期问卷由加拿大健康研究院(CIHR)资助,并获得纽芬兰纪念大学医学科研伦理委员会【20201772-ME】和瑞尔森大学研究伦理委员会的批准【REB 2020-328;REB2020-132】,由来自纽芬兰纪念大学医学院的王培忠教授、瑞尔森大学心理学系的杨丽霞教授、及多伦多大学社会学系的张卫国教授和达拉·拉娜公共卫生学院的魏晓林教授联合承担,旨在了解第二波新冠疫情对华人的影响,包括华人对疫情的态度,认知,行为防范,和心理反应。研究结果将帮助北美华人更有效地应对疫情并减少疫情的影响,也有助于公共卫生机构对华人社区提供更好的支持。





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We Are Accepting Senior Research Participants!

Are you aged 60+?

Researchers at Ryerson University invite healthy individuals aged 60+ to participate in on-campus studies (downtown Toronto) that involve interesting tasks of thinking abilities, such as memory and attention. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Please contact the Cognitive Aging Lab if you are interested!

(416) 979-5000 x 4987 or email us at

Get Psyched! Engaging with Aging and Psychology

50+festival picture

This year the fourth annual Get Psyched! Engaging with Aging and Psychology event was held on June 2nd, 2016 at Ryerson University as part of the Chang School’s 50+ Festival. This free event consisted of talks in the morning on decision making in old age and challenges faced by informal caregivers, followed by conversation sessions in the afternoon on particular topics in aging research including meditation and mindfulness, healthy sleep habits, and social engagement on the internet. To see the official event poster and get information on future events click here,

Ipod Drive

Alive Inside documentary follows Dan Cohen, a social worker who tries to bring personalized music to nursing homes after discovering its ability to awaken deeply-locked memories in people with dementia. Inspired by the Alive Inside documentary, the Ryerson campus iPod Drive was organized from September 16th to 20th, 2013 to support the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s Music & Memory iPod Project.

Toronto Public Library Talks

CAL members, primarily graduate students and RAs, have presented at five Toronto public libraries: Deer Branch, Goldhawk Park, Annette Street, Spadina Road, and the Toronto Reference Library, to promote healthy aging. Their most recent talk on January 31st, 2012, at the Toronto Reference Library attracted an audience of over 160 people! CAL was invited to participate in the Toronto Reference Library event: Boomers and Beyond: Explore & Engage! This event showcased organizations that support and offer opportunities for engaged living for older adults. It was held on Friday, October 26, 2012.

  • RECRUITING Older Chinese Immigrants for a Study

    We are currently recruiting for a survey examining acculturation and its relationship with psychosocial wellbeing of older Chinese immigrants, in light of the COVID-19. Acculturation is a process associated with changes in values, attitudes and behaviours of individuals when adapting to another culture. The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The survey will be conducted through…


    Our lab member and graduate student, Kathryn Bolton, welcomes you to participate in her study examining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and cognitive functions of older adults. See details below with how to join!

  • Current Online Research Participation Opportunities

    If you are interested in participating in some online surveys, please follow these links. Your participation is completely voluntary and you will be compensated for your time. For more information regarding the study please contact and information regarding current grants are accessible via the “Current Grants” page on our website ( “Social Media Use…

  • Social Media Update

    We have officially generated our own Cognitive Aging Lab Facebook page! Please follow us for updates and to contact us for further interest in participating in our research if Facebook is one of your preferred methods of communication. Our URL is

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    Interested in knowing about our current projects? Here is a link to our web page with the current grants we have received for our current research in the lab. For more information contact us at or contact Dr. Lixia Yang directly at

  • COVID-19 Contact Information

    Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, please contact us via email at in order to obtain a prompt response. Due to social distancing guidelines, we are unable to receive incoming phone calls to the lab. Thank you for your understanding during these uncertain times.

  • Cognitive Aging Lab

    The projects conducted in the CAL lab aim to investigate the changes in cognitive functions occurring with human aging and the potential learning capacity of older adults. The research methods being used in the lab primarily include behavioural experiments and psychometric assessments. We also occasionally adopt neuroimaging or electrophysiological techniques (fMRI and/or ERP) to examine…