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Cognitive Aging Laboratory (CAL)

The projects conducted in the CAL lab aim to investigate the changes in cognitive functions occurring with human aging and the potential learning capacity of older adults. The research methods being used in the lab primarily include behavioural experiments and psychometric assessments. We also occasionally adopt neuroimaging or electrophysiological techniques (fMRI and/or ERP) to examine the underlying brain mechanisms for cognitive functioning. The goal of our research is to better understand age-related changes in cognition (e.g., attention, memory, and learning) and the associated brain functions. Meanwhile, we have been dedicated to develop optimal cognitive and physical training programs that could help elderly people to maximally maintain their cognitive and neural functions.

The research in the CAL laboratory is funded by the following agents:


Grant 2

Ryerson International Initiatives Fund (RIIF)

Ryerson New Faculty SRC Development Fund

Ryerson Arts SRC Fund Research Grant

Ryerson Work‐Study Research Assistant Fund

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