Dr. Lixia Yang


Dr. Lixia Yang, PhD.

Director of the Cognitive Aging Laboratory (CAL)
Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

Email: lixiay@psych.ryerson.ca email-icon google scholar
Tel: (416) 979 – 5000 Ext. 6522

Dr. Yang received her doctorate in psychology from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000. She then worked as a post‐doctoral research fellow at the Max‐Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, and later at the University of Toronto. In 2005, Dr. Yang joined the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. Dr. Yang’s research interest covers three related areas: cognitive plasticity of the aging brain, cultural differences in attention and memory, as well as emotion-cognition interaction in aging.

Recent Contributions


I. Publications in Refereed Journals

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II. Book Chapters

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