Get involved

Prospective Graduate Students

To become a graduate student in the CAL lab, please apply for the M.A. and Ph.D programs in the Psychological Science stream. For details about the program, please see For details about admission, please see

Research Assistants

If you are interested in gaining research experience by working in the CAL lab as a volunteer research assistant, please e‐mail your resume, with a cover letter, to Dr. Lixia Yang at

Be a Participant

If you are aged 60 or above, you are warmly welcome to participate in our psychology studies and/or join our participant pool. Studies conducted in our lab involve computerized tasks and/or paper‐and‐pencil questionnaires. Most participants tell us that they find the tasks fun and interesting. Participants receive $18/hour as compensation for time and transportation. To request more information or to register for the participant pool, please call 416‐979‐5000 X 4987. E‐mails should be sent to