EDI Statement

At the Sleep and Depression Lab, we express our collective outrage at the ongoing racism and discrimination across North America. We condemn the widespread acts of racism, prejudice, and discrimination against Black, Asian, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, and religious communities, among other groups that have been the target of oppression and colonialism. 

The SAD Lab acknowledges that the work of equity, diversity, and inclusion is an ongoing process and is dedicated to: 

  1. Hosting monthly lab meetings to discuss evidence-based research pertaining to race and equity, to promote continuous and active engagement in conversations to improve our current research practices and broaden our existing knowledge.
  1. Furthering our education through attending seminars, colloquiums, and workshops in the community dedicated to anti-racism and cultivating equity and inclusion.
  1. Engaging in ongoing self-reflection as we strive for and commit to cultural humility in our therapeutic approach and research.
  1. Actively maintaining and supporting a diverse lab environment where the uniqueness and background of every visitor, whether they are a student, applicant, or research participant, is recognized and valued.
  1. Remaining critical of the tools we use and the constructs we study, which can be inherently biased, and the way in which certain groups have been underrepresented in research.