A typical visit to the lab

A typical visit to our lab will last about 45 minutes.

When you bring your child to the lab, a research assistant (RA) will be waiting for you in front of the building.  If you are driving, the RA will direct you to the parking lots.  We will reimburse you the parking fee (or TTC fare) at the end of the study.

Each study has a different procedure, but for most studies your child will be seated at a small table, and you will stay with him/her throughout the study.  Your child will play a game with the researcher or watch some short videos.  Then he/she will be asked to answer a set of questions or solve some problems.

Once you and your child are in the lab, the researcher will explain to you what the study is about and what your child will be doing during the study.  You can ask any questions before you give us your consent.  Your child can play with the toys in the waiting area until he/she feels at ease with the researcher and the setting, and then the study begins.

Each study typically lasts 5 to 15 minutes, and your child may participate in 1 or 2 studies during the visit.  After the study your child will receive a small gift and an honorary certificate.

Once we collect all the data for the study your child participated in, we will send you a letter explaining the results and implications of that study.  You will also receive our newsletters with more updates on our research projects.