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Degree in Progress

MA in Clinical Psychology, Ryerson University


2017 – BSc (Honours) In Psychology, University of Waterloo


Research Interests

Bethany is broadly interested in the eating disorder, weight, and body image-related field. Her research so far has focused on negative body talk, and through this work she became interested in how people perceive and talk about their own bodies, how that affects the individual, and means by which we can aid in ameliorating negative views of one’s self or body. Her Master’s thesis will also focus on these concepts by examining the relationship between self-compassion and weight bias internalization in those with overweight or obesity.


Research Support

2018 – Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Master’s Award


Selected Conference Presentations

  • Nightingale, B. A. & Kelly, A. C. (2018, April). How should we respond when a friend fat talks? Poster presented at the International Conference on Eating Disorders, Chicago, IL.
  • Hudd, T., Vidovic, V., Lenton-Brym, A., Finch, K., Parker, V., Dupasquier, J. R., Nightingale, B.,Barber, K., & Moscovitch, D. A. (2017, June). The nature and impact of negative autobiographical memory retrieval in social anxiety disorder. Poster presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, ON.
  • Gualtieri, S., Nightingale, B., & Denison, S. (2017, April). Examining 3- and 4-year-olds’ probabilistic reasoning abilities in a novel choice task. Poster presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Austin, TX.
  • Kazakevic, E., Kung, F., Nightingale, B.,Lee, P., Garner, V., & Adair, W. L. (2016, March). Stereotype threat in east-west intercultural negotiations. Poster presented at the 10th Annual Southwestern Ontario IO & OB Student Conference, London, ON. ​