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Degree in Progress

PhD in Clinical Psychology


MA in Clinical Psychology, Ryerson University

BSc. (Honours) in Psychology and Biology, University of Toronto

Research Interests

Vincent’s research interests broadly include eating behaviours, body image, and bariatric surgery. Vincent’s doctoral dissertation explores the use of an intervention for food addiction (the concept that individuals can be addicted to foods, particularly highly processed foods). This intervention combines Adapted Motivational Interviewing, a person-centred counselling approach, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills for eating related issues and will be tested in a randomized controlled trial.

Vincent’s Master’s thesis explored psychosocial factors (i.e., adult attachment style, emotion regulation, and psychopathology) related to cigarette smoking following bariatric surgery. For his undergraduate thesis, he studied the influence of video messages on healthier eating among students who engaged in restrained and unrestrained eating. He previously worked in research positions at Toronto Western Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Program and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Clinical Interests

Vincent’s clinical interests include the assessment and treatment of various of mental health issues, including eating disorders, anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety disorder), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Vincent is particularly interested in using approaches from CBT, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Vincent has completed practicum placements at: 1) the Psychology Training Clinic within the Department of Family and Community Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital; 2) the Intensive Residential and Day Treatment Program for OCD at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; and 3) the Day Hospital Treatment, Eating Disorder Program at Toronto General Hospital. Vincent is also involved as a study therapist on clinical trials providing CBT related to post-bariatric surgery issues, as well as social anxiety disorder, substance use, and HIV sexual risk behaviour.

Professional and Community Involvement

Vincent is committed to fostering the growth of psychology and those interested in the field. He is involved in mentorship programs with undergraduates, graduate students, and early career psychologists as part of the Ryerson Psychology Graduate Students’ Association (PGSA), the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), and the American Psychological Association (APA). He is also serving a 2-year term as Student Representative in the Psychologists in Hospitals and Health Centres section of the CPA.

Vincent co-organized the inaugural “Diversifying Psychology Recruitment Event” at Ryerson in 2020. The goal of this event was to provide more information about applying to graduate school for students from traditionally underrepresented groups, particularly students identifying as Black, Indigenous, and as a Person of Colour. Vincent also volunteers in LGBTQ+ organizations that offer peer support, workshops, and social activities in the community.

Research Support

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Master’s Award

Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Master’s Award

Ontario Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral Award


Selected Publications

  • Lenton-Brym, A. P., Santiago, V. A., Fredborg, B. K., & Antony, M. M. (In press). Associations between social anxiety, depression, and use of mobile dating applications. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.
  • Santiago, V. A., Warwick, K., Ratnakumarasuriyar, S., Oyewumi, A., Robinson, S., & Sockalingam, S. (2019). Evaluation of a Patient-Care Planning Intervention to Improve Appointment Attendance by Adults After Bariatric Surgery. Canadian Journal of Diabetes, 43(1), 59-66. DOI:
  • Sockalingam, S., Hawa, R., Wnuk, S., Santiago, V., Kowgier, M., Jackson, T., Okrainec, A., & Cassin, C. (2017). Psychosocial predictors of quality of life and weight loss two years after bariatric surgery: Results from the Toronto Bari-PSYCH study. General Hospital Psychiatry, 47, 7-13. DOI:
  • Sockalingam, S., Tehrani, H., Taube-Schiff, M., Van Exan, J., Santiago, V., & Hawa, R. (2017). The relationship between eating psychopathology and obstructive sleep apnea in bariatric surgery candidates: A retrospective study. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 50(7), 801-807. DOI:
  • Sunil, S., Santiago, V. A., Gougeon, L., Warwick, K., Okrainec, A., Hawa, R., & Sockalingam, S. (2017). Predictors of vitamin adherence after bariatric surgery. Obesity Surgery, 27(2), 416-423. DOI:
  • Thiara, G., Yanofsky, R., Abdul-Kader, S., Santiago, V. A., Cassin, S., Okrainec, A., Jackson, T., Hawa, R., & Sockalingam, S. (2016). Toronto Bariatric Interprofessional Psychosocial Assessment Suitability Scale: Evaluating a new clinical assessment tool for bariatric surgery candidates. Psychosomatics, 57(2), 165-173. DOI:

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Santiago, V. A. (2020, July 6-August 28). Exercise as a treatment adjunct for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Review of the evidence, mechanisms, and methodologies [Poster presentation]. Canadian Psychological Association 81st Annual Convention, Montréal, QC, Canada. (Virtual conference).
  • Santiago, V. A., Wnuk, S., Sockalingam, S., & Cassin, S. E. (2019, May 31-June 2). Smoking among bariatric patients: The role of adult attachment style, emotion regulation, and psychopathology [Poster presentation]. Canadian Psychological Association 80th Annual Convention, Halifax, NS, Canada.
  • Santiago, V. A. (2019, May 17-18). Mental Health. In S. Sampath & J. Hagen. (Chairs), Year in Review [Plenary/symposium presentation on research conducted in bariatrics in the past year]. Canadian Obesity Weekend (joint conference of the Canadian Association of Bariatric Physicians and Surgeons and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, North American Chapter), Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • Santiago, V. A., Dryer, A., Wnuk, S., Hawa, R., Sockalingam, S., & Cassin, S. E. (2018, June 26-30). Does emotional eating mediate the relationship between emotion regulation and weight loss in bariatric surgery patients? [Poster presentation]. 79th Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association and the 29th International Congress of Applied Psychology (integrated), Montréal, QC, Canada. *CPA Best Student Presentation Award in the Clinical Psychology Section of the CPA.
  • Santiago, V., Robinson, S., Warwick, K., Ratnakumarasuriyar, S., & Sockalingam, S. (2017, June 7-9). Increasing efficiency in bariatric surgery appointment attendance using a patient centred approach. In F. Collardeau (Chair), Psychologists in Hospitals and Health Centres (PHHC) graduate student symposium [Symposium]. Canadian Psychological Association 78th Annual Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada. *CPA Best Student Presentation Award in the Psychologists in Hospitals and Health Centres Section of the CPA.
  • Santiago, V. A., Parikh, S. V., Hawa, R., Cassin, S. E., Wnuk, S., Chau, C., & Sockalingam, S. (2017, June 7-9). Qualitative interviews with post-bariatric surgery patients regarding telephone-based cognitive behavioural therapy [Poster presentation]. Canadian Psychological Association 78th Annual Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • Sunil, S., Santiago, V., Gougeon, L., Warwick, K., Okrainec, A., Hawa, R., & Sockalingam, S. (2015, Apr. 28-May 2; May 16-20). Psychosocial predictors of multivitamin adherence after bariatric surgery [Oral presentation]. 4th Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto, ON Canada. *Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation Award, 2nd Place. [Poster presentation]. American Psychiatric Association 168th Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada.