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Degree in Progress

MA in Clinical Psychology


BS. (Honours) in Psychology and Biology, University of Toronto

Research Interests

Vincent is broadly interested in eating behaviours and body image across the weight spectrum. He is interested in why people eat the way that they do and how psychological interventions can be used to treat eating pathology. His Master’s thesis will be investigating psychosocial factors related to bariatric surgery outcomes.

For his undergraduate honours thesis, he studies the effects of video messages on healthier eating among students who were restrained and unrestrained eaters. He has also worked as a research assistant at the Borderline Personality Disorder clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and as a researcher coordinator at Toronto Western Hospital’s Bariatric Surgery Program.

Research Support

2016 – Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) – Master’s Award

Selected Publications

  • Thiara, G., Yanofsky, R., Abdul-Kader, S., Santiago, V. A., Cassin, S., Okrainec, A., Jackson, T., Hawa, R., & Sockalingham, S. (2016). Toronto Bariatric Interprofessional Psychosocial Assessment SUitability Scale: Evaluating a new clinical assessment tool for bariatric surgery candidates. Psychosomatics, 57, 165-173.
  • Sunil, S., Santiago, V. A., Gougeon, L., Warwick, K., Okrainec, A., Hawa, R., & Sockalingham, S. (2016). Predictors of vitamin adherence after bariatric surgery. Obesity Surgery, 1-8. DOI: 10.1007/s11695-016-2306-x

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Sockalingham, S., Wnuk, S., Cassin, S. E., Santiago, V., Kowgier, M., Jackson, T. D., Okrainec, A., & Hawa, R. (2016, Nov.). Psychosocial Predictors of Long-Term Bariatric Surgery Outcomes: Two_YEar Data from the Toronto Bariatric Cohort Study. Poster session presented as a “poster of Distinction” with a three-minute mini-oral presentation at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) at Obesity Week 2016, New Orleans, LA.
  • Cassin, S. E., Sockalingham, S., Wnuk, S., Du, C., Hawa, R., Santiago, V., Parikh, S. (2016, Oct.). A Pilot Study on Telephone Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Patients Six-Months Post-Bariatric Surgery. Poster session presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society, New York, NY.
  • Santiago, V. A., Robinson, S., Warwick, K., Ratnakumarasuriyar, S., & Sockalingham, S. (2016, Oct.). Improving Bariatric Surgery Appointment Attendance Using a Patient Centred Approach: Sustaining Change. Poster sessions presented at the inaugural Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Forum (QIPSF), Health Quality Transformation 2016 (HQT2016), and the 8th Annual Psychology Graduate Students Association Research Symposium at Ryerson University, all in Toronto, Canada.
  • Tehrani, H., Sockalingham, S., Santiago, V., Taube-Schiff, M., Hawa, R., & VanExan, J. (2016, Sept.). A Retrospective Analysis of Eating Psychopathology, Depressive Symptoms, and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in  Bariatric Surgery Candidates. Poster session presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine, Toronto, Canada.
  • Santiago, V., Yanofsky, R., Abdul-Kadar, S., Thiara, G., Wnuk, S., Gougeon, L., Taube-Schiff, M., Hawa, R., & Sockalingham, S. (2016, May). The Toronto Bariatric Interprofessional Psychosocial Assessment Suitability Scale (BIPASS): A Delphi Study to Inform Assessment Tool Development. Poster session presented at the 169th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, Atlanta, GA.