Couple HOPES

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common and disabling condition associated with intimate relationship problems and mental health problems in partners of those with PTSD. Recognizing the need to improve access to evidence-based interventions for those with PTSD and their families, our team has developed an Internet-delivered, self-help intervention to improve PTSD, enhance relationships, and improve partners’ mental health: Couple HOPES (Helping Overcome PTSD and Enhance Satisfaction).

Couples HOPES is an online guided self-help intervention for couples including a partner with PTSD symptoms to improve PTSD and enhance relationship functioning. Couple HOPES is comprised of seven interactive modules that systematically target PTSD symptoms and enhance relationship functioning through the use of web-streamed videos, activities, and messaging with a paraprofessional Coach. Couple HOPES was built to overcome the stigma associated with seeking mental health services and the logistical, economic, geographic, and social barriers to help.

Please visit the Couple HOPES website or email, to learn more about the program or if you require additional information. Otherwise, feel free to visit Couple HOPES on Youtube to see what the program is all about.

The IMPACT Lab is currently recruiting couples for this study where at least one partner is a Canadian or American military member, veteran, first responder or healthcare worker. Please visit the Couple HOPES website to complete eligibility screening.