PTSD Interventions

Our lab is committed to developing clinically-relevant, original research, as well as the use of evidence-based knowledge translation strategies to disseminate our findings.

Below are our treatment studies that are currently ongoing. For more information, please contact the research coordinator at 416-979-5000 ext. 2369 or click on “be a participant in a research study” on the right.

Open Recruitment Trial of Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy
The purpose of this treatment trial is two-fold: to decrease individual PTSD symptoms, as well as improve the relationships.

Individuals will either receive Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), a specific type of cognitive-behavioral therapy that has been effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD that have developed after experiencing a variety of traumatic events including, child abuse, combat, rape and natural disasters.

The other treatment option is Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy (CBCT), a dyadic treatment that involves two people in an intimate or non-intimate relationship. While treating PTSD, it has the benefit of simultaneously improving relationship functioning and the health and well-being of close significant others’ PTSD.

For more information on Cognitive Processing Therapy please click  here.

For more information on Cognitive-Behavioural Conjoint Therapy, please click here.