SBB Security Resources

Dial (80) for emergencies from internal phones or call 416-979-5040.

Safety and Security:
Your security and safety is paramount and Ryerson has policies, procedures and staff in place to ensure a safe working environment. It is also up to you to be aware of some basic safety procedures and to know what resources are available to you in the event of an incident. Please review the building hours, security resources and procedures below:

SBB building access hours:
The SBB front doors (from street) are unlocked:
    – Monday – Friday 8am-10pm
    – Saturday 8am-4pm
    – Sunday and Holidays closed.

The 1-SBB double doors are open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, and 2-SBB double doors 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

Note that your OneCard should be programmed to allow access to the building after-hours by tapping the card onto the card readers.

Security Resources:
– For non-emegencies (e.g., report a theft/security concern,  locked out of a room etc.,) you can call 5040 from a campus land line phone.
– For Emergencies call 80 from a campus land line phone. Security is very responsive and can directly link your call to 9-1-1.
– FIRST AID kits are located under the sink of the kitchenettes in 1-SBB and 2-SBB, and in the kitchen of 9th floor JOR. In an emergency call 80 from a land line phone and they can bring an AED if required.
– There are several Emergency Pull Stations (distress buttons) on 1-SBB and 2-SBB, which will alert Ryerson Security if activated and they will come immediately to the button’s location. The Emergency Pull Stations are blue in colour, resemble a fire alarm switch and have a sign indicating its presence on the wall above them. You can use the Emergency Pull Stations if the use of a phone is not possible or unsafe, otherwise you should use phones to report an incident or an emergency (dial 80 or 416-979-5040). Here are the approximate locations of the 1-SBB and 2-SBB Emergency Pull Stations:

1) Just at the entrance after the double doors
2) Hallway next to SBB101
3) End of the kitchen hallway by SBB113 (north side)

1) Just at the entrance next to the double doors
2) Next to the female washroom door
3) At the northeast corner of the labs by SBB247

Lab Safety Procedures:
These are general lab safety procedures suggested by Campus Security. Please consult with your lab to find out any additional security procedures they have in place.

– When meeting clients after hours or on weekends, there should be at least two lab members present
– If meeting a client in a room (e.g., for an interview), make sure the room has a land-line telephone
– When meeting a participant for the first time (i.e., a new participant for their first session) try to schedule them during a time when you know other people will be around