Booking System

Booking Resources in SBB

There are a number of shared rooms in SBB that you can book for meetings, interviews, experiments, computer use etc., Booking these shared rooms in SBB is done through our online scheduling system:

The TA room POD360B and the seminar room GER206D are also booked on this system, but none of the JOR rooms are booked here.

Click the map icon to see the available/bookable rooms and equipment (highlighted in orange):

SBB Booking System Map
To get started, create an account on the system and login. Then add a “Study” under the My Profile section. All bookings are made under a “Study” and studies can be anything; lab meeting, testing, interview etc., just make sure you use them consistently.

The Psychology Lounge SBB237 and Harry Rosen Commons SBB107 are available for you to use and hold meetings. There is also a high powered scanner, a 27″ iMac and PC in the Harry Rosen Commons for your use. There is another photocopier/scanner in 2-SBB but requires OneCard access.