In Progress

PhD Clinical Psychology


2016 MA Clinical Psychology, Ryerson University
2014 BA (Specialized Honours) Psychology, York University

Research Interests

For her undergraduate thesis, Deanna completed research examining levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity and their association with rationality, decision-making, and risky behaviour in a young adult sample. Her master’s research involved using brain-based measures to examine how anxiety impacts attentional and impulse control in adolescents with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Due to long-standing interest in research and interventions surrounding justice-involved youth, Deanna joined the Psychology of Crime and Delinquency Lab for her PhD training. Currently, Deanna’s research interests include the construct of trust among justice-involved youth as a condition for effectiveness in therapeutic/helping relationships, as well as trauma-informed care within youth and adult correctional systems.

Clinical Interests

Deanna has an interest in working with populations who present with complex and significant behavioural issues, as well as populations with socio-economic disadvantages. She is particularly interested in working with youth and young-adult forensic populations. Deanna completed her first practicum at Ryerson Psychology Training Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital where she provided psychotherapy and assessment to community patients with diverse and complex psychological profiles. She has completed her second practicum placement at The Roy McMurtry Youth Centre, where she provided evidence-based assessment and treatment to justice-involved youth (young men aged 12-22 years). Deanna is currently completing her third practicum placement at Syl Apps Youth Centre, where she works with male and female justice-involved youth with significant mental health challenges.

Research Support

2018-2021 Social Sciences and Humanities Grant (SSHRC), Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship
2017-2018 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2015-2016 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2014-2015 Social Sciences and Humanities Grant (SSHRC), Joseph Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship


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Klymkiw, D. F. (2017). The importance of alliance when working with justice-involved youth: What we know so far. Clinical View, 11, 5-6. Toronto, ON: Youth Justice Direct Operated Facilities Branch.

Brankley, A. E., Loney, D.M., Sutherland, J., Klymkiw, D. F., Azubuike, A., & McCusker, R. (accepted). Developing a student run psychology service for at-risk youth: Framework and application. Mind Pad.

Selected Conference Presentations

Klymkiw, D. F., Lackner, C., Milligan, K., Segalowitz, S. J., McKeough, T., Schmidt, L. A. (2016, May). The Impact of Anxiety on Impulse Control in Youth with ADHD: An ERP Analysis. 28th Annual Association for Psychological Science Convention, Chicago, Illinois.

Klymkiw, D. F., Michaels, C., Lackner, C., Milligan, K., Segalowitz, S. J., Phillips, M., Schmidt, L. A. (2015, October). An ERP Analysis of Attentional Control in Youth with ADHD and Anxiety. Ontario Psychological Association Summit on Innovation in Psychology, Toronto, Ontario.

Casaluce, D. F., & Toplak, M. E. (2015, May). Exploring the Relationship between Self-Reported ADHD Ratings and Outcomes in a Non-Clinical Undergraduate Sample. 27th Annual Association for Psychological Science Convention, Manhattan, New York.

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