Criminal Trajectories

In a number of studies we examined the criminal trajectories of two subsamples of our longitudinal "Toronto" sample. Together, the Toronto sample comprises the entire population of 764 male offenders who had served a sentence…
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Developmental Precursors of Offender Types

In the PoCaD lab, we have conducted a number of studies to examine the developmental precursors of various offender groups, including: 1) (a) adolescent violent sex offenders, (b) violent non-sex offenders, and (c) "versatile" violent…
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Current Studies

Risk Assessments Title: The role of patient perspectives in forensic mental health: A prospective study of progress in recovery and protective factors of risk for violence in predicting patient outcomes(in progress) Principal Investigator: Meena Rangan…
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Lab Publications

Recent Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals Sutherland, J. E., Cojocariu, A. M., Day, D. M., & Hehman, E. (2019). Youths'facial appearance distinguishes leaders from followers in group-perpetrated criminal offenses and is associated with sentencing outcomes. Criminal…
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The PoCaD Lab collaborates with community-based organizations, clinical sites, and government agencies on a regular basis. Evaluation of Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency: A Resource for Grades 9 to 12 IN PROGRESS: The PoCaD Lab…
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