Current Studies

Risk Assessments

Title: The role of patient perspectives in forensic mental health: A prospective study of progress in recovery and protective factors of risk for violence in predicting patient outcomes (completed)

Principal Investigator: Meena Rangan

Title: Predicting positive and negative outcomes in a forensic psychiatric inpatient population: A developmental approach

Principal Investigator: Sofija Lavrinsek

Title: Predicting recidivism of aboriginal youth offenders: A look at an established risk assessment tool and culturally-specific predictors

Principal Investigator: Holly Wilson

Title: The Reliability and Validity of the SAPROF among Forensic Mental Health Patients (completed)

Principal Investigator: Sandy Oziel

Antisocial Attitudes and Aggression

Title: Applying a modified version of the Theory of Planned Behaviour to predict reactive physical aggression in undergraduate students (completed)

Principal Investigator: Jennifer Newman

Title: An investigation of the contribution of cognitive biases to anger outcomes and reactive aggression in a sample of individuals with high trait anger (in progress)

Principal Investigator: Monique Tremblay

Antisocial Behaviour and Youth

Title: Stakeholder satisfaction with a program for crossover youth in Ontario: A mixed methods study (completed)

Principal Investigator: Amy Beaudry

Title: Resilience in the face of risk: Investigating the moderating effect of school connectedness, educational commitment, and educational belief in the context of adolescent antisocial behaviour (completed)

Principal Investigator: Monique Tremblay

Title: Formative and summative evaluation of a program for crossover youth in Ontario (completed)

Principal Investigator: David Day

Risky Health-Related Behaviour

Title: A feasibility study to follow juvenile offenders from secure custody into the community to study predictors of health risk behaviours: Phase I Focus groups (completed)

Principal Co-Investigator: David Day and Trevor Hart

Title: Does social rejection increase susceptibility to peer influence? An exploration of social rejection, physiological stress, and peer influence on risk-taking in adolescence and young adulthood (completed)

Principal Investigator: Jessica Sutherland

Critical Psychology

Title: Cracking the code: A critical discourse analysis of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists (completed)

Principal Investigator: Ashley Ward

Children’s Mental Health

Title: Service preferences of justice-involved and non-justice-involved youth and their caregivers: A discrete choice conjoint experiment (in progress)

Principal Investigator: Deanna Klymkiw

Title: Evaluation of the “Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency: A resource for Grades 9 to 12 (in progress)

Principal Investigator: David Day

Title: Evaluation of the “Stress Lessons: From Stressed Out to Chilled Out:” A program for teens on managing stress (completed)

Principal Investigator: David Day

Title: Development of emotional and behavioural self-regulation in children Living ln residential treatment programs: The CARE study (completed)

Principal Co-Investigators: David Day and Rob Muller (York University)