Emily Thomas, MA (Ryerson University, 2017; BA, St. Thomas University, 2014) is a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at Ryerson University. Her research interests are rooted in critical and feminist poststructuralist approaches to exploring sexual identities, negotiations of desire and agency in sexual relationships, and experiences of sexual violence. Emily’s Master’s thesis examined taken-for-granted concepts such as what counts as sex, what makes for good and bad sex, and how consent and desire are negotiated both internally and relationally. Particular attention was paid to how women’s lived experiences are (in)congruent with popularized discourses and media representations, and how experiences are constructed within and outside of available language. Emily was awarded a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship from SSHRC and an O’Brien Foundation Fellowship for her doctoral research. Further, Emily was awarded a Canadian Psychological Association Certificate of Academic Excellence for her Master’s thesis.