Dr. Nicole Cormier, PhD (Ryerson University, 2019; MARyerson University, 2010; BA, UBC-Okanagan, 2007) completed her doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Ryerson University. Her undergraduate and Master’s research centered on issues in forensic psychology, including partner abuse, psychopathic traits and fire setting in children, deception detection, and sexual offending. Nicole’s ongoing interest in gender and sexuality encouraged her to pursue doctoral studies with Dr. Gurevich. Nicole’s research interests in the realm of sexuality include critical perspectives on women’s fantasy and desire, use of pornography and erotica by women, and deconstruction of mainstream research on the sexual response cycle and sexual orientation. Her dissertation research used feminist and poststructuralist epistemologies to inform a discourse analytic exploration of internet-based dialogues concerning women’s use of male homoerotic media; this includes gay pornography, yaoi, and slash fan fiction, and further queries how women slash fiction authors are using slash to (re)construct contemporary masculinities.