Usra Leedham, BA (Ryerson University, 2015), CHRL, was the Research Coordinator of the SHiFT Lab from 2014-2018. Rooted in a feminist, poststructuralist, and anti-oppression framework, her research and activism focus on issues related to the discursive construction of gendered, racial(ised), and political subjectivities; mothering from the margins and maternal identity; critical pedagogy; and socio-ecological well-being. Usra was the 2016 recipient of Ryerson University’s Board of Governor’s Leadership Award and Medal and the Faculty of Arts Ryerson Gold Medal Award, granted to one student for outstanding leadership qualities, academic achievement, and contributions to the life of the university, one’s profession, and the larger community. She was also one of three students granted the Governor General’s Academic Medal for graduating with the highest academic standing university-wide at the undergraduate level. Usra is currently completing a masters in social work at the University of Toronto.