Zhoneesa (Neesa) McRae-McNicholls (she/her/they), B.A. Psychology Candidate (Ryerson University, anticipated 2023), is the current Research Coordinator at the SHiFT Lab. Neesa’s research interests include: the embodiment and mobilization of BIPOC sexuality, two-spirit identity, and the ways in which women’s sexual agency is simultaneously formed, negotiated, deconstructed, and re-constructed. She is passionate about examining the BDSM and kink community, marginalized sexual cultures, dominant BIPOC sexuality discourses, as well as the deconstruction and re-construction of dominant sexuality discourses. She would like to further examine BIPOC experiences of sexuality through post-colonialist, anti-racist, and critical psychological frameworks. In the future, Neesa wishes to obtain a Master’s Degree in Psychology; where the area of study has not yet been determined.