Check out SHiFT Lab member Emily Thomas’ commentary, “Mis/representation and the media: A reflection on experiences with media engagement”, in the June 2018 issue of Sexualities journal! She and co-authors Michelle Lafrance and Monika Steltz critically engage with media reporting (and contorting) of their research around women’ negotiations and articulations of consensual but undesired sex, as described at the 2016 BPS POWES Conference and in the 2017 Sexualities article “Faking to finish: Women’s accounts of feigning sexual pleasure to end unwanted sex”.

The June 2018 issue also features responses from Leonore Tiefer, in “Unpacking the popularity of a paper on feigning sexual pleasure: Consider both sexual politics and 21st-century profits”; Hannah Frith, in “Faking, Finishing, and Forgetting”; and Melanie Beres, in “What does faking orgasms have to do with sexual consent?”