Danielle Christie, a vital member of our SHiFT lab, was just accepted into the graduate program in Historical, Theoretical, and Critical Studies of Psychology at York University. Congratulations Danielle!! We know you will thrive and shine in this next chapter of your academic life. We will miss your perspicacious presence in our lab, but know that you will be entangled with us indefinitely and join us for lab meetings and festivities whenever possible. We are so delighted for you!!   

Sofia Melendez will be joining our lab as this year’s incoming graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program at Ryerson. We are thrilled to have Sofia join our vibrant community and learn with her/from her about her deep commitments to critical scholarship and activism in gender and sexuality studies. Congratulations Sofia and a heartfelt welcome from all of us at the SHiFT lab!!

A steady stream of incoming SHiFT lab members continues and we are so grateful to have you all as part of our critical inquiry community!  Recently joined RAs include:

  • Mira Gitelman
  • Charlene Krisha Ramos
  • Omega Luxor
  • Jarvis Wiradharma
  • Recent and/or continuing RAs include:
  • Camara Azubuike
  • Susan Chow
  • Tristan D’Cruz
  • Krisoula Kotassidis
  • Chloe Strickland
  • Nicole Werker (our fabulous predecessor Research Coordinator!)

Your indispensable work and commitment sustain all our project passions! To repeat a previous post (plagiarizing myself here…):

Without your hard labour, nibble adaptation to new modalities for research conduct, commitment to the lab’s epistemic and empirical vision, and adroit capacity for being parachuted into our myriad research projects, our work could not continue and flourish.

Our indefatigable Research Coordinator – Zhoneesa McRae-McNicholls (better known as our mighty Neesa!) ­– steadfastly continues to initiate and integrate new lab members with her usual grace, creativity, incisive intellect, deftness and diligence. We are so fortunate to have Neesa at the helm of SHiFT!!