Lab Alumni










Farrah Kudus, M.A.

B.Sc. (Honours) McMaster University 2016

Now a student at the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University.

Farrah is interested in the interdisciplinary nature of human memory, along with its effects on other cognitive functions, such as decision-making. Her undergraduate thesis explored the willingness of trauma patients to potentially use memory-dampening medications as a treatment for psychological trauma. For her master’s thesis, she used behavioural and ERP methods to study motivated attention in younger and older adults.

Farrah’s Research Interests Include:

  • Emotional memory
  • Delayed gratification
  • Attention
  • Future thinking


Leann Lapp, M.Sc. — Ph.D.
Clinical Psychology stream, Department of Psychology

Now a clinical psychologist (supervised practice) at Broadview Psychology in Waterloo.

Leann examined prospective memory, which involves remembering to perform specific actions at future points in time. As older adults often report difficulties with this type of memory, Leann’s Ph.D. dissertation compared different strategies that might improve performance on a lab-based test of prospective memory.

Leann’s research interests include:

  • Episodic future thinking
  • Autobiographical memory
  • Prospective memory
  • Personal goals










Laura Bianchi, B.A. (Honours)

Now a Master’s student in psychology at the University of Waterloo in the cognitive psychology program.

Laura completed her Bachelor of Arts in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. For her undergraduate thesis, she investigated how differences in frequency format affect individuals’ ability to make conditional probability estimates. Laura’s research interests are cognition and aging. She is especially interested in how memory and different aspects of the decision making process interact and change throughout the lifespan.










Ryan Marinacci, B.A. (Honours)

Now a student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.

Ryan completed his Bachelor of Arts in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. For his undergraduate thesis, he investigated how financial rewards interact with visual memory detail. He served as lab manager and was also actively involved in multiple studies investigating the effects of aging on a variety of factors such as executive functioning, acute physiological stress, temporal discounting, and prospective memory.










Ryan Williams, B.A. (Honours)
Department of Psychology

Now a Master’s student in psychology at the University of Toronto, in the cognitive neuroscience program.

Ryan was interested in how lifespan changes in motivational orientations affect attentional sensitivity to gains and losses. He investigated the patterns of electrophysiological activity generated by younger and older adults with respect to various networks of visual attention as well as the process of investigating how such neural markers of attention are influenced by monetary incentives.

Ryan’s research interests include:

  • Effects of lifespan changes on sensitivity to motivational information
  • Neural recruitment strategies used to compensate for age-related declines
  • Performance monitoring event-related potentials (ERP) and their relationship to adjustments in behavioural performance










Katherine Storey, B.A. (Honours) 

Kate completed her undergraduate studies in psychology at Ryerson. In her undergraduate thesis she investigated the effects of reward and feedback on memory encoding. Kate was also an RA in one other lab at Ryerson and at Toronto Distress Centres.

Katherine’s research interests include:

  • The intersections of clinical and cognitive psychology
  • Industrial psychology
  • Organizational psychology


Pete Wegier, M.Sc. — Ph.D.
Psychological Science stream, Department of Psychology

Now a Scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Pete’s research interests include:

  • Pre-decisional information search in experience-based decision making
  • Age-related change in risk perception and propensity
  • Impact of disappointment and loss in risky financial choices


Holly Bowen, M.A. — Ph.D.
Psychological Science stream, Department of Psychology

Now an Assistant Professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX.


Stephanie Yung, B.A. (Honours)
Department of Psychology

Stephanie is now attending graduate school at the University of Toronto for psychology.

Stephanie’s research interests include attention and memory in healthy older adults.