Undergraduate Thesis Students

Rachel Appiah

Rachel is a fourth-year undergraduate Psychology student, minoring in Organizational Leadership at Ryerson University. Rachel is particularly interested in learning more about motivation science and how certain factors can tip the scale and influence an individual’s decision-making. Rachel will be working alongside Dr. Julia Spaniol as a research assistant in the MAD Lab. She will also complete her thesis on the effect of social rewards on online educational learning, under the supervision of Dr. Julia Spaniol.

Sabrina Valenzano

Sabrina is in her fourth year of the Psychology BA program at Ryerson. She has an interest in the memory and attention processes that take place during learning and is particularly interested in the methods that aid in encoding and recall of information in older adults. Sabrina is currently assisting with research projects that study intrinsic motivation, memory and curiosity. She plans to complete her thesis under the supervision of Dr. Julia Spaniol in the MAD lab this year.