• Science and Dedication

    We at the Social Political Psychology lab pride ourselves on the professional and passionate love of the work we do! See what happens when dedication to understanding the political and social world meets the science of Psychology.

  • Dr. Becky Choma receives Early Researcher Award

    As one of the recipients of the the Early Researcher Award (ERA) from the Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Science (MRIS) Dr. Choma will study the exacerbating and inhibiting functions of fear and critical humour respectively, on Islamophobia. Read more here.

  • Dr. Becky Choma appears on The Agenda

    Dr. Choma appeared as a panelist alongside Dr. Paul Bloom and Dr. Robb Willer for The Agenda’s episode on Why Conservatives and Liberals Think Differently. Watch the full episode here.

  • Graduate Students David Sumantry and Arvin Jagayat host Power Analysis and Open Science Workshops

    At this year’s PGSA Symposium, David Sumantry hosted a workshop on the basics power analyses using G*Power for the Psychology Department and Arvin Jagayat hosted an Introduction to Open Sciences Workshop. If you could not attend, you can find the slides from the Power Analysis Workshop here and the slides from the Open Science Workshop here.

  • Arvin Jagayat wins Jennifer Mactavish Graduate Student Leadership Award

    For his contributions to graduate studies at Ryerson, Arvin Jagayat was one of the inaugural recipients of the Jennifer Mactavish Graduate Student Leadership Award in the category of Student Engagement and Experience.

Research Focus

Intergroup Relations

In general, our research has focused primarily on affective and ideological predictors of intergroup prejudice, including RWA, SDO,…
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