As a part of an Early Researcher’s Award grant from the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science, over the next few years, Dr. Becky Choma and the SPP Lab will be investigating how the use of fear and humour, particularly critical humour, which forces non-Muslims to understand the perspectives of Muslims, can either exacerbate or inhibit Islamophobia. Throughout the course of this research, the SPP Lab aims to collaborate with on-campus organizations, including the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) to engage the Ryerson community and student body in a series of events, activities, and workshops to help raise awareness of and develop skills to combat Islamophobia.

The first of these activities is a comedy night, Just for LULZ, hosted by Ryerson’s MSA, that will take place at the Riel Room in the SCC from 6-8:30PM on March 23rd, 2017. Additionally, as a part of Islam Awareness Week (March 20-24th) activities at the Student Centre, the MSA will have a table set up where students can drop by and write down their opinions and jokes about what Muslims do and Muslim’s don’t do onto paper and drop them into ballot boxes labelled #MuslimsDo and #MuslimsDont. Additionally, if you want to join in on the conversation from the comfort of your home or smartphone, you can use the hashtags #MuslimsDo and #MuslimsDont on Twitter or tweet at @MuslimsDo.


Below are a few helpful resources that provide context for the research linking critical humour and Islamophobia:

Ryersonian: Can comedy crush Islamophobia? – Article
The Muslims are Coming! – Documentary
A highly scientific taxonomy of haters – TED Talk by Negin Farsad

Check back soon for more information and results in the future!