• Stressed?

    “Stress” is not about the things that happen to you, but how you choose to respond to those things.

  • Food for Thought.

    Did you know that what you eat not only affects your waist-line, but your  brain too?

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  • Taking a PAWS.

    Did you know that spending as little as 10 minutes with a pet can reduce stress?

    See Fiocco & Hunse (2017). The buffer effect of therapy dog exposure on stress reactivity in undergraduate students. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14, 707 doi:10.3390/ijerph14070707.


  • How can VR travel be used for healthy living? See what we’re up to!

  • Welcome to the StAR Lab!

    Take a tour and learn what we’re up to!

  • Mindfulness Training for Family Caregivers

    Supported by the Mind and Life Institute 1440 Award, we have investigated the impact of stress on wellbeing and the potential use of mindfulness training in caregivers of persons with dementia and neurodegenerative-related disorders. See our publication page for more information or contact us.

Research Focus


Stress is a complex phenomenon that affects everyone, regardless of age, race, or religion.  While acute stress is…
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Prevention is key! The Stress and Healthy Aging Research Laboratory is dedicated to evaluating evidence-based prevention methods to…
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Cognitive dysfunction is becoming a health concern of increasing importance as our population ages and the baby boomers…
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HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTRES FOR OLDER ADULTS The Anne Johnston Health Station  2398 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M4P…
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  • RU Fall Convocation 2018

    Congratulations to Dr. Sasha Mallya (Clinical Psychology) - the StAR Lab will miss you. And an official congrats to Laura Krieger (MA, Psychological Sciences) who we get to keep for a few more years ; [...]

  • 8-Week MBSR Program at the Bathurst-Finch Hub

    It was an absolute pleasure working with the folks at North York Community House as part of the ENRICHES Initiative, bringing the Mindfulness for Caregivers Program to the community. Once again, I [...]

  • 2018 RU Convocation

    Congratulations to Vincent Le (BA in Psychology) and Katlyn Peck (PhD in Psychological Science) - the StAR Lab will miss you! [...]

  • Join us at the 10th Annual 50+ Festival!

    Dr. Fiocco will be presenting An Exploration of Virtual Reality for Older Adults on June 2nd. To view the fantastic festival line up of events, visit http://fiftyplusfestival.blog.ryerson.ca/fes [...]

  • Ryerson 3MT® Competition

    And the 3MT® Competition People's Choice Award goes to!........Laura Krieger for her excellent presentation on Virtual Tourism. Congratulations to Laura on a job well done! Missed it? Watch [...]