Be a Participant in a Research Study

Be a Participant in a Research Study!

We have ongoing studies in the StAR Laboratory.

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction for older adult immigrants: A 9-week stress management program

Searching for older adults, 60+ years of age, who identify as being a Canadian immigrant from a low-income neighborhood.

For more information, please call the StAR Lab and mention the “Mindfulness Study”.

  • Predictors of Cognitive Function:

Searching for older adults, 65+ years of age, to participate in  study that examines the impact of biological and psychosocial factors on brain health in late life.
For more information, ask for Danielle.

Searching for Chinese parents, 40+ years of age, with at least 1 child to participate in a study that looks at the relationship between filial piety and well-being among Chinese individuals.
For more information, ask for Vivian.