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Hi and thanks for visiting our lab website. My name is Kristin Vickers and I’m an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. I have long been interested in psychology and enjoy conducting research in different areas. My main interests include anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and stress-related conditions. I am also involved in research designed to improve teaching practices and students’ classroom experiences. It is a wonderful experience to be at Ryerson, and I especially enjoy working with lab members to foster research efforts. I feel very lucky to have such outstanding students in the lab. In free time I enjoy music and movies.

Recent Publications

  • Taillefer, S.E., Liu, J.J.W., Ornstein, T.J., & Vickers, K. (in press). Indecisiveness as a predictor of quality of life in individuals with obsessive and compulsive traits. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders.

  • Vickers, K. (2013). Psychological factors influencing inter-individual variation in carbon dioxide-induced stress response. In L. Cavalcanti and S. Azevedo (Eds.), Psychology of stress: New research. New York. Nova. ISBN: 978-1-62417-110-9

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  • Vickers, K., Jafarpour, S., Mofidi, A., Rafat, B., & Woznica, A. (2012). The 35% carbon dioxide test in stress and panic research: Overview of effects and integration of findings. Clinical Psychology Review, 32, 153-164.
  • Pereira, J., Vickers, K., Atkinson, L., Gonzalez, A., Wekerle, C., & Levitan, R. (2012). Parenting stress mediates between maternal maltreatment history and maternal sensitivity in a community sample. Child Abuse and Neglect, 36, 433-437.
  • Want, S. C., Vickers, K., & Amos, J. (2009). The influence of television programs on appearance satisfaction: Making and mitigating social comparisons to “Friends.” Sex Roles, 60, 642-655.
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