I recently graduated from Ryerson University after successfully defending my PhD in the Psychological Science program. My research focuses on whether exposure to visual representations of dogs help alleviate stress symptoms. I continue to work within the lab on various research projects, and in collaboration with other academic research institutions. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, eating lots of food, and relaxing with my animals (Cooper, Calvin, Nala and Bradley).

Recent Publications

Liu, J.J.W., Ein, N., Gervasio, J., Ismail, N., & Vickers, K. (2018). The efficacy of stress reappraisal interventions on stress responsivity: A meta-analysis and systematic review of existing evidence. Manuscript submitted for publication and under review.

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Liu, J.J.W, Ein, N., & Fung, K. (2018). “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) on Depressive Symptoms in Individuals Currently Depressed: A Systematic Review of Existing Meta-Analytic Evidence”. Manuscript submitted for publication and under review.

Liu, J.J.W, Ein, N., Gervasio, J., & Vickers, K. (2018). “Subjective and physiological responses to the 35% Carbon Dioxide Test in healthy and control populations: A meta-analysis and systematic review”. Manuscript submitted for publication and under review.

Ein, N., Hadad, M., Reed, M., & Vickers, K. (in press). “Does visual exposure to one’s pet during the Mental Arithmetic Task reduce stress levels?” Anthrozoös.

Ein, N., Armstrong, B., & Vickers, K. (in press). “The effect of a very low calorie diet on subjective depressive symptoms and anxiety: Meta-analysis and systematic review”. International Journal of Obesity.

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