Our lab conducts research that focuses on several different areas, including anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and stress. For specific details and information on these areas of focus, please see individual research pages.


Anxiety Disorders

One of the interests of the Psychophysiology Lab is in anxiety disorders.  Topics regarding anxiety disorders can range from social anxiety and the counterfactual thoughts that are associated with it, along with obsessive-compulsive disorder. For…
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A major research focus of the Psychophysiology Lab is stress. Topics of research in stress range from examining the conceptualization of stress, methodologies used to study stress, and ways in which people alleviate stress using…
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Eating Disorders

Another focus in the Psychophysiology Lab and its research is in eating disorders. Eating disorders can range from topics such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia. In the past, studies in the Psychophysiology Lab have been…
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Lab Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (18) Richter, M. A., Taillefer, S. E., Burroughs, E., Deluce, J., & Ornstein, T. J. Medication Response in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): Predictors of Response in Patients Who Failed Previous Selective Serotonin…
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